A day in the life of the Sales Advisor

My name is Chloe Richard-Jones, I'm a River Island Sales Advisor and here’s a little bit about me and my role...

I’ve worked for River Island for four years now. I started at the bottom on a part time contract and worked my way up to become a full time Senior Sales Advisor; my next progression is to become a Product Manager.

The job:

I work on the shop floor in both the menswear and womenswear departments. My job involves ensuring all staff are briefed before their shifts, so they know what their daily targets are. I make sure every customer’s visit to the store is enjoyable and pleasant.

As River Island representatives we are expected to ‘step up’ when necessary. This means working in close proximity to the product team and stepping into respective roles to cover days off and holidays. By experiencing what different roles are like I’ve gained an insight into what the next step in my career with River Island will be.

The opportunities:

My favourite thing about working for River Island is definitely having the opportunity to help open new stores and meet interesting people from around the country!

There are also opportunities to transfer between stores, so if you’re a student living away from home and there are vacancies in the nearest River Island to your University you can transfer.

The low down:

I love working in fashion and the way River Island as a company makes you feel respected as an individual. It can be very rewarding to say you have put someone’s outfit together for a special occasion and receive good feedback from customers. It makes the hard work worthwhile.

To be an asset to the team you need good communication skills, commitment, punctuality, excellent customer service… and to top it off a big smile! :)

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