A day in the life of a store manager

My name is Susan Drage and I’m a River Island Store Manager.

The education:

I worked hard to become a manager after achieving A Levels in Maths & Physics. Life experience and maturity are definitely important if you’re going to lead and inspire a team.

The job:

I work with a great team of Sales Advisors and Deputy Managers who are dedicated to making our store stand out for exceptional service. Part of my role is making sure that the store front and product displays look fantastic and are visually exciting to our customers. I also train and guide the Sales Advisors in offering brilliant customer service, ensuring you receive the assistance you’ve come to know and love whilst shopping with us.

The team:

My team is like an extended family; we support and encourage one another. I work alongside several dedicated Sales Advisors and three tiers of in-store managers. The Product Manager, Deputy Manager and Sales Manager are all accountable for different operational areas, and together we make sure in-store processes run smoothly.

The low down:

To be a River Island Store Manager you have to be driven, love fashion, and have a passion for retail. River Island’s high standards of service and stunning product placement make us stand out, so you need to be able to identify pieces with the ‘wow’ factor. Knowing how to place products in such a way that customers are kept excited about your next delivery and new stock will help ensure your store is commercially successful.

The advice:

Want to work in fashion? Be confident, enthusiastic, eager and hard working! Don’t be afraid to start as a Sales Advisor and work your way up, enjoy every step of your career with River Island and set your goals high. Be dedicated and willing to learn from others with experience of the role you’re fulfilling.

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