RI Insiders: Meet...Kay

18 June 2015


We’re taking you inside RI HQ to meet some of the coolest people around. This is the first post in our new series ‘RI Insiders: Meet...’, where we’ll introduce you to some of the fab peeps who work at River Island! We’re kicking things off with Kay, an international visual merchandising stylist, who has a thing for street food, the Olsen Twins and Ibiza!


Girl crush alert: Britt Robertson

14 May 2015

BRITT ROBERTSON We’re having a bit of a girl crush here in the office, so we thought it was only fair to share it with you! If you haven’t heard of her yet, be prepared to see a lot more of Britt after the release of Disney blockbuster Tomorrowland which hits screens on May 22nd. Here’s why we’re crushing on her...


5 minutes with... Sigma

5 May 2015

5 MINUTES WITH SIGMA We caught up with UK drum and bass duo Sigma ahead of their headline performance at Hideout Festival in June.


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