Iconic '60s make-up looks we love

Alongside miniskirts and flower power, '60s make up looks are  a key moment in fashion and beauty. Rooted in a revolutionary mindset, just like our Chelsea Girl collection and RI roots, these make up ideas are just as striking now as they were then. Who's ready to take a trip back in time?

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The key to this striking-but-simple look is to go heavy on the bottom lashes with your mascara. Take this look into 2022 by going graphic and meticulously painting individual lashes under your waterline. Or use a pair of tweezers to (carefully) press individual lashes together while your mascara is still drying. Fierce.

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Speaking of graphic eye looks, if you haven't noticed already, eyeliner trends are getting bigger and ever more dramatic right now. Cher kicked off this eye-opening makeup back in the ‘60s – she walked so we could run. If only we could turn back time.

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What says “pioneering girl group” more than a hot flush of pink blush to the cheeks? The Ronettes were (and are) a seriously big deal, and were pioneers of this look. Don't forget to give yourself the (very) bold eyes to amp up the ‘60s factor.

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Iconic French actress Bridget Bardot didn't just inspire that gorgeous neckline, she's also all over our make-up Pinterest boards when it comes to ‘60s inspiration. A pioneer of doe eyes, enhanced by a liquid cat eye flick, no-one did it quite like Bridget. Finish the look with nude lips and fluffy brows for a modern twist.

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