Festival Ready: 6 Hair & Make-Up Trends You’ll Want To Try

Festival season: it’s the only time when being extra is acceptable and covered head-to-toe glitter is mandatory (even if it is pouring with rain!) Forget flower crowns and UV paint; these are the trends you need to try if you’re dancing in the fields this summer…

Festivals and space buns go hand in hand, right? Use different coloured hairsprays (temporary, unless you’re feeling daring) to really stand out in the crowds. Spray the hair with dry shampoo to add texture, section the hair in two before braiding against the head, making sure to leave enough room at the end and twisting into two buns. Secure with hair grips and hairspray and you’re good to go. 

Body art has never looked so chic. Gone are the days of dousing ourselves in fluorescent UV, it’s all about white body paint. Dare to bare and apply anywhere, from your hands to your chest. There are no rules. Make it unique and pay homage to your art GCSE by doing it yourself or choose a peel-on if you’re in a hurry.

Skip the shower queue (and dry shampoo) with a sleek hair do. Apply hair gel to straight hair and slick back with a comb. Sprinkle on sequins for a scattered effect or position onto the hair for a more precise style.  Finish with a smoky eye for a head-turning look without the hassle of glitter getting everywhere!

When it comes to liner, we’re all about winging it. For a new take on the classic, go holographic. Simply peel off and apply to a nude shadow (with no need to worry about a steady hand!) Finish with mascara, lashes and highlighter for a futuristic look to make everyone look twice.

Glitter make-up gets more cheek this season with the rise of the glitter booty. Simply cover the cheeks in hair gel and apply the glitter generously with a make-up brush. Keep it subtle and team with denim shorts and fishnets or go all out with bikini bottoms if you’re heading to warmer climes. More is most definitely always more with this one and ask a friend if you need help with angles.

Brows are everyone’s favourite feature, so give them the attention they deserve with stick-on jewels. Brush the brows, ensuring they’re free of product and apply as little or as many jewels as you like. Choose all silver, gold or play around with colours and finish with a bold lip.

If all else fails, glitter sunscreen is officially a thing. Our dreams have (finally) been answered. And it’s SPF 50. Winning.