Happy YOU Year

Happy YOU Year

Instead of commiserating over mistakes you made in 2019 or things you feel you should’ve done, why not give yourself a break? January is bleak enough as it is without adding the pressure of a total new year, new you reinvention. Challenge the status quo and embrace the fact that you’re perfect already with these suggestions for your 2020 to-do list!

Happy YOU Year

1. Wine and dine (yourself)

Why not take yourself out on a date? You already know that the company will be great, and the wine will be flowing so you haven’t got much to lose. Treat yourself by buying a gorge new dress for the occasion. Or if going for dinner alone is a step too far, plan a you day. Visit that exhibition that has been on your list for months or book yourself into a dance class to get a hit of endorphins. Whatever you do, do it for you.

 2. Go off grid

This is a tricky one for most of us but switching off for a few hours is proven to make a massive difference to our mental health. Stop scrolling on the ‘gram and instead treat yourself to a bubble bath and a podcast (airplane mode on ofc). Or be social the old-fashioned way and invite all your friends over for a creative collaging session – 2020 vision boards anyone?!

Happy YOU Year

3. Positive vibes only

This January, we challenge you to write a list of things you rate about yourself instead of the standard picking yourself apart. If that immediately made you cringe, then this exercise is definitely for you. We are cancelling all negative self-talk in 2020. It might be difficult at first but once you’ve done it, we promise you’ll feel 10 x more content.

4. The time is now
Raise your hand if you’ve got a goal list longer than Naomi Smalls legs? Us too. New Year is when they come back to haunt us but this year, instead of feeling guilty, why not get the ball rolling on at least one? We can’t all become fluent in Italian, learn the guitar AND run a marathon all in one year. Pick one and make moves to make it happen. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary but making the first step is good enough!

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5. Feed your soul
Keep doing what makes you happy in 2020. It’s as simple as that. Pin point the best bits of last year and roll with them. Whether that is continuing to be a social butterfly, wearing head to toe sequins or booking more time in for yourself, find the things that keep you balanced and feeling your best.