Party season is around the corner, you’re up for the good times but you’re not sure what your partywear style is – enter out RI HQ guys. All with a unique take on partywear (not a suit in sight) we have a feeling you’re going to like what they have to offer. From smarter blazers to casual sets, it’s over to the boys…

“For me it’s all about stylish comfort. I picked this outfit to achieve just that and I threw on the blazer for a smarter touch. Great for an after work Christmas party or cosy pub vibe, it’s a winner!”

Striking the perfect balance between smart and casual, Kym shows us how a good blazer upgrades any look. Replace your shirt with a fitted knit, some cord trousers, your favourite kicks and you’re good to go. 

“I like to look good but feel comfortable and I felt like this silky shirt helps smarten up a casual outfit. It would be perfect for some festive after work drinks down the pub to make the most of happy hour!”

If a formal suit isn’t your style but you like to feel put together, follow Paul’s lead and co-ordinate your colours. By matching his navy overshirt to his navy trousers, the look still looks smart. Keep the rest of the details simple with a white tee and sneakers

“I needed something comfortable yet stylish and this tracksuit was the perfect fit. I would wear it to a friend’s party – something not too formal!”

A tracksuit? During party season? Absolutely. Deji proves that style and comfort come hand in hand and if you get the right one, a tracksuit can definitely been worn to a party – especially if you team it with an embroidered tee. 

“The coat is sleek and striking in its simplicity. Pair it with a turtle neck and trousers and you’ll be looking smart, stylish and ready for any event.”

Going for a versatile fit, Alex shows us how a checked trouser, simple roll neck and loafers will look good in any scenario, be that after work drinks or a fancier party. It’s getting cold out there and a good coat will add the finishing touch to your outfit.