How To: Be A TikTok Star
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that TikTok has been slowly taking over the world and we’re here for it. Even if you don’t have an account and you’re not actively joining in, you’ve probably seen them all over your socials, been sent them or been roped into taking part in a dance challenge. Us? We’re addicted tbh and you’re about to be too.

If you feel it’s time to dive into the work of TikTok, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to make you a superstar…


First things first, download the app and set up your profile. Tap on the ‘Me’ icon to the bottom right of the screen and give yourself a username, image and bio. You can also link up your other social media platforms like the true influencer you are.


Now it’s time to get used to the video feed. If you tap the home button to the bottom left, you will find an endless feed (WARNING: it’s addictive) and you can, quite literally, scroll for hours. This feed will show all the trending vids on TikTok, so here’s your main source of inspiration!


Get interacting! Follow, like, comment, share and tailor your feed. If you look to the right of your screen you can tap the heart to like a video, tap the bubble to comment and press the forward sign below to share on other social media platforms. You can also give a follow to the content creators you are enjoying or even search for your fav celebs.


Time for your first post! Whether you want to compete in a challenge, share cooking tips or sing, there’s something for everyone. Select the plus sign at the bottom centre of the screen, then look to the right of the screen where you will have a choice of music, filters, timers, speed and to the bottom right effects to play with. Go wild!


The length of a video can be up to a minute but we recommend sticking to the 15-30 second mark – all the popular vids are around this length. The most important step is to be your most extra and fabulous self and don’t forget to hashtag!

Our fave TikTok-ers:










Our golden tips:

•  Make sure you post regularly. Give the people what they want!

•  Share your TikToks on your other social media profiles. The more eyes on it the better.

• If you’ve got a niche talent, use it to stand out from the crowd. There’s only one you!

• Duet with influencers and celebs to get people interested in you. You’ll soon be the star.

And you’re all set! How about a new outfit to go with your new superstardom?