This might be a bold statement but one of the best things to come out of lockdown, in our eyes, has definitely been the Doughnut Time DIY kits. While some people have redecorated their houses, landscaped their gardens or finally put up those shelves, decorating doughnuts is the only DIY we’re interested in and when you can get them delivered straight to your door, why wouldn’t you? A chance to get creative and reward yourself with a delicious treat afterwards, we’re here with a little tutorial on how to use your Doughnut Time home kits.

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It's everyone's favourite biscuit and soon to be your favourite doughnut...

- Use the end of the teaspoon to make a hole in the doughnut then fill the hole with a generous amount of biscoff spread

- Starting from the centre squeeze caramel icing in a circular motion on the top of the doughnut until it’s fully covered (leave for 5-8 mins until completely dry, this step is important)

- Get creative with your chocolate icing; drizzle it, zig zag it, stripe it! Whatever you fancy.

- Finish your creation with a lotus biscuit. We like to add some crumble along with a whole biscuit for added indulgence...

Red Velvet is our go-to cake so we're excited to try it in doughnut form... 

- Use buttercream instead of icing 

- Smooth on the topping with precision 

Use freeze dried fruits to add colour and texture! 

- Play around with where you want to place your fruits, whether that's clustered together or spread out

When we're craving ice cream, we often reach for the cookie dough so we're excited for this... 

- Use a plain vanilla glace and carefully squeeze it on 

- Use a dollop of vanilla cream frosting to make it even more indulgent! 

- Create patterns with the chocolate drizzle 

- Use cookie dough pieces and broken up cookies to finish, but feel free to go wild with toppings!

- Hold the piping bag toward the top (at the twist) with your dominant hand — not at the bottom.

- Scatter sprinkles from a height to make them spready evenly

- Mix icing colours to create new colours

- For non-ring doughnuts try out different fillings such as jam, Nutella, biscoff, marshmallow fluff and lemon curd

- Anything goes for toppings – party rings, penny sweets, freddos, love hearts, shredded coconut the list is endless!

- Choose chocolate bars that complement each other

Maybe take a pic for the gram first…

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