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Showing us why they’re a perfect match for RI, our HQ girls style up this season’s sassiest sets and give us the lowdown on a day in their life. One word: GOALS.

Don’t call her sweet… Francine may be 5”1, but she’s all edge and makes petite dressing powerful in a statement striped suit. Like. A. Boss!
Desk style: 
A creative mess

Fave thing about job: 
The creativity and immersion in fashion 
Office Snack: 
I always have Almonds with Raisins in my drawer
9-5 style: 
A black blazer paired with a band tee

Nobody at HQ knows: 

I once went as Shaggy’s date to the MOBO awards

Self-titled perfectionist, Georgina brings order to her work look with a sweet-&-chic tweet suit. We love how she’s styled it back with a ‘feel good’ tee.

Overused phrase: 
“Is it River enough?”

Fave thing about job: 
Seeing the products I’ve worked on, in stores and being worn

Office Snack:
Coffee… all day

Work wardrobe essential:
 Heeled boots

Fave time of day:
 Processo o’clock on Fri-YAY

Clocking 13 years as the most glamorous girl at RIHQ, Natalie flexes her fashion skills in a matching crop and wide trouser set. YES GIRL!

Desk style: 
An organised mess. Organised being the key word

If I wasn’t a Fashion Manager I’d be:
 A nutritional therapist

Work wardrobe essential: 
Wide high-waisted trousers, the wider the better

Nobody at HQ knows: 
I once kissed Mark Wright..

Fave thing about job: 
I am surrounded by fashion all day, every day and I’m on the loudest team in the office.

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