Meet Sul

Tell us a bit about you …

My name’s Sul and I’m a lifestyle content creator based in London. I’m a Londoner born and raised and spent most of my time in the playground!

Why is it important to celebrate International Men’s Day?

For me, it’s important because it’s an opportunity for men to celebrate who they are, where they’ve come from and the steps they’ve taken to become the best version of themselves.

Have you ever stopped yourself doing/enjoying/exploring new things because they weren’t seen as ‘manly’?

Yes, when I was younger I was very conscious about investing and using a lot of skin care products because it wasn’t seen as something to be very ‘manly’. Even going for a facial, it was something that was like ‘Bro, why are you even going for a facial?’ but now I’m a lot more confident and will happily look after my skin and my own personal hygiene and not care what anyone else thinks about it.

What advice would you give to younger boys to help them grow into the men they want to be?

To not feel like you can’t do something and to always ask questions. I feel like as a young boy, I was inquisitive, but I didn’t have the confidence to ask questions because I felt like I might come across stupid and what I wanted to do might come across as ‘unmanly’. Today the definition of ‘manliness’ has changed so much that you can really do whatever you like and experiment with who you are and still either be perceived as manly or as someone who is finding themselves. As a young person in today’s society there is so much opportunity to hone who you want to be so don’t be scared to experiment, to try, to ask questions, to really learn and understand things so you can make an educated decision on the kind of man you want to be.

Meet Matt Tapley

Tell us a bit about yourself …

I’m a content creator and I also work in the sports industry. I’d like to describe myself as kind, approachable and honest and some people would say stubborn!

Why is it important to celebrate International Men’s Day?

So, we can celebrate who we are as individuals but also I think it is beneficial for men to have a common cause to bring us together as we can often feel quite isolated and alone. 

What are some of the challenges that men face today?

I think men often feel pressure to live up to expectations being put upon them by whoever that may be and often negatively compare to each other. Another challenge men face is not being able to open up about any problems we may have and be brave enough to share those issues with each other.

What advice would you give to younger boys to help them grow into the men they want to be?

The best advice I could give is to have the courage to follow your own path and do what makes you happy. I also think that showing emotion doesn’t make you weak and a problem shared is a problem halved. Your loved ones will be happy to help you so don’t be afraid to open up because I’m sure you’ll feel happier for it.

Meet Solomon

Tell us a bit about yourself …

My name’s Solomon Ian-Sangala and I’m a lifestyle content creator based in London.

Why is it important to celebrate International Men’s Day?

It’s important because 78% of suicides committed last year were committed by men but only 30% of people in therapy are men which is pretty scary to think about. Why don’t we talk about our feelings? Why has society made us think that its somehow easier, better or stronger to bottle it all in and to put on a mask? Did you know that the single thing most likely to kill me in the next 30 years is not a car crash, it’s myself – suicide. It’s the highest killer of men between 20 and 50 years old which is crazy. If there is anyone reading this who is struggling with their feelings, slide into my DMs and let’s talk. Suicide is something that I’ve contemplated before a few years back, but I made it out though talking about my feelings and if I could help someone today then I’d love to.

Meet The Wade Twins

Tell us a bit about yourselves…

We’re William and Henry Wade and together we are the Wade Twins. We’re both content creators based here in London.

Why is it important to celebrate International Men’s Day?

It’s important to celebrate International Men’s Day to raise awareness for men’s health, to improve gender relations and promote gender equality. Men account for almost 76% of suicides and have almost double the depression rates of women so if there’s a man you guys appreciate to hell and back don’t forget to tell them on November the 19th.

What kind of men are each of you?

Will: I’d say I’m outgoing, genuine, quite funny …

Henry: Funny?!

Will: I am funny!

A lot of guys find talking about their mental health hard - how do you try and destigmatise these important conversations and reach out to your mates?

From past experience we both know that holding it in and bottling it up isn’t the way to go about it. It feels really difficult to express your emotions as an adult because growing up we’ve been taught that the most important thing is to fit in. For example, boys are told ‘men don’t cry’ and if we’re not ‘manly’ enough we’re instantly labelled as different which makes expressing emotions as an adult difficult. Opening up to family and friends has been really important to both of us. No one knows what’s going on in your head so never judge a book by its cover - always reach out to your friends and ask them how they are.