New Young Things | #ThisIsFamily

Your girls can get you through anything, right? The ones to lift you up no matter what, be on hand for those outfit dilemmas and give the best advice, we’re thankful for ours every day. Jess, Ocean, Eva, and Sonny (left to right) are the girl squad we want to be a part of! Inspiring, motivating and most of all, real, they’re the new young things who are definitely ones to watch. We caught up on set of our #ThisIsFamily campaign to talk sports, social media and strengths…

Introduce yourselves…

Jess: I’m Jess
Ocean: I’m Ocean
Eva: I’m Eva
Sonny: I’m Sonny

What do you do?

Ocean: I run track, I draw, I model, I make my friends laugh. I like to keep busy!
Eva: I’m a model and I play sports, mostly netball.
Sonny: I’m a social media influencer. I’m part of the hashtag #everyoneisbeautiful and I run events that encourage women to love themselves.
Jess: I’m at university doing nursing, I also do sports. Sometimes me and Ocean run together, which is really nice! She’s faster but I out pace her so it’s alright.

How did you meet?

Ocean: I think I’m the starter of all our friendships! I went to school with Jess, so I’ve known her since I was about 11. Then I met Sonny at some catwalks and Eva through Instagram at the start of the summer.
Sonny: When me and Eva first met, we were both in our underwear.
Eva: That’s how we both bonded!

Do you see each other often?

Eva: We meet up from time to time during the week. Me and Jess helped Ocean move out of her house.
Ocean: I got this princess to actually help out for once and help carry boxes. I had to get a picture of her actually helping out because I was that shocked.
Eva: I was there! My presence was good enough!
Ocean: Jess was a great help, she brought her car and she was driving us around to my new house.
Sonny: I was there for moral support.
Ocean: I don’t know where you were!

Do you think friends can be family?

All: Yes!
Ocean: It’s the family you choose. Sometimes you don’t like the family you have.

Why have you chosen each other?

Ocean: They just kind of came along and now I can’t get rid of them!
Sonny: I think it’s good to surround yourself with other ambitious, successful people and it’s good to be around people who are like you and like the same things as you and are going the same way as you.

What are your strengths?

Sonny: Jess’s strength is that she’s so humble and a genuinely nice person. I think these days people get a bit flashy and show off and stuff but she’s really humble.
Jess: Thanks! Ocean’s strengths are that no matter what happens, even if we don’t talk for ages, I know she’ll always be there. That really means a lot.
Ocean: Eva strength is that she’ll always do herself. As much as she cares about everyone around her, she’s very set on certain things and nothing will change her mind. She’s very driven.
Eva: Sonny, her strength is that she always motivates people. Even if she has her own stuff going on, she always finds the time to make people feel better about themselves.

What are your roles in the group?

Ocean: I think Jess’s role is the one with the sensible head. The one who thinks about things.

Sonny: Eva’s the naughty child. She’s always out.

Ocean: Yeah, she’s a bad influence. Sonny’s just out here finessing man, finessing life.

Eva: Her head’s in the clouds.
Jess: You’re good to go to for advice. You’re very level-headed.

What’s unique about your friendship?

Sonny: We’re peng.

Ocean: I think we’re very diverse and all of us have our own little thing going on.

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