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Our favourite TV sibling stories

Siblings: we love them, we hate them, we love them again. Until we realise they’ve stolen our phone charger. Again. No matter how close you are, there’s nothing quite like the bond between siblings and the (hilarious) stories that you share. From choreographing dance routines at grandma’s house to telling them all about your first kiss, we look back at some of our favourite TV sibling stories this #NationalSiblingDay …

Ross & Monica Geller, Friends

The one where Ross’ first kiss with Rachel was actually with Monica. And that was Monica’s first kiss ever. “You were under the pile of coats?” “I WAS the pile of coats!” Can you imagine?

Seth Cohen & Ryan Atwood, The O.C

Everyone remembers their first time. And for Seth, he needed to share his experience with Ryan. “I was like a fish, flopping around on dry land, Ryan. I was Nemo and I just wanted to go home.” Oh Seth, we do love you. 

Will Smith and Carlton Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Okay so while they’re not siblings, Will’s constant height digs to Carlton were the source of a lot of our LOLs. “This is my little brother Carlton, he knows we can’t afford new clothes so he just doesn’t grow” being one of our personal favourites.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Two of a Kind

Whether you were team Mary-Kate or team Ashley, Two of a Kind used to be our go-to back in the day. From trying to set up their dad with Carrie to thinking they’ve witnessed a murder with their new telescope, we say bring it back!

Ben & Karen Brockman, Outnumbered

The Brockman clan are funny 24-7, but we need to give a shoutout to Karen and Ben. The youngest of the family, their one liners are always hilarious. We wouldn’t be complaining if we were related, that’s for sure!

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