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RI x Samantha Faiers | The Kids Edit

Star of The Mummy Diaries, Samantha Faiers makes her Island debut this autumn, bringing her style expertise to RI Kids! With her own (adorable) children in mind, the 30-piece collection features trend-led must-haves for boys and girls. And, it's available right now!

As a busy ‘mum boss’ Samantha knows that versatility and ease is everything, that’s why her edit offers a mix of cool, casual and party options. From the start, her goal was to pick pieces that looked and felt premium, always with a fashionable twist. “I was so excited to team up with River Island because I have always loved the brand – not only for myself but also for the kids.”   

The real stars of this show are (obviously) Samantha’s children ‘Little’ Paul and Rosie who inspired the edit. For boys, it’s all about Paul’s chilled vibes, with cool but comfortable separates and easy tracksuits. For girls, Rosie’s love of the limelight means plenty of standout dresses and prints.

Seven Minutes with Samantha
What made you want to team up with River Island?

I was so excited to team up with River Island because I’ve always loved the brand – not only for myself but also for the kids. I find that it’s the only retailer that sells kids stuff that is really on trend.

What is it that you like most about RI Kids?

It’s very trend-led and it feels like you’re getting really good quality for high street prices. The amount of times the kids have worn River Island and people have been like, “where is that from?” and I’ve said River Island. They’ve said they thought it was Chloe or a designer brand, it just shows RI is really good quality.

Was it hard for you to choose your edit?

It was so difficult! For each item of clothing there might have been six or seven options and I had to pick one or two. It was a really difficult process eliminating because most of the stuff I really liked. The only pieces that were easy to eliminate were the things that might’ve been a little bit old for them but other than that, the whole collection is just amazing. 

Rosie was a natural on the shoot!

I said to the guys in my meeting a couple of weeks ago, “I’m just going to warn you, Rosie will be a complete diamond but Paul, not so much.” It’s just not his thing. He’s the happiest little soul when he’s doing what he wants to do, playing, but when it comes to something like this…

Which pieces do you think they’ll like wearing the most?

Paul will definitely like to wear the tracksuits and trainers because he always dresses for comfort. Rosie will probably go for the dresses, the boots, anything with a bit of sparkle in it she’ll love.

What’s most important to you when it comes to choosing outfits for them?

It’s a real mix between them being comfortable but then also looking super cute at the same time. Where we’re filming The Mummy Diaries, or we might be going to events all the time, I want them to look on-trend but I also want them to be comfortable because they’re still only little.

How do their personalities influence their style?

Rosie will put anything on and she loves to dress up, she’ll put fancy dress on, she’ll put all my headbands on, she’s very much a girly girl. Little Paul has to have the labels cut out of everything and he won’t wear fancy dress because he thinks it’s itchy. He likes pyjamas and just wants his cosy tops on all the time.

Moving on to The Mummy Diaries, what’s in store for the next season?

It starts with our big Maldives comedown after the wedding and getting back to normality, Billie and Greg are looking to move house. They follow my journey with Rosie and her horse riding and finding hobbies for little Paul. It’s a mixture of holidays, trips, work and we see my mumgetting herself out there on the dating scene, which is really fun. It’s hard to pinpoint particular storylines because we just film everything.

What’s it like getting to work with your family?

When I’m filming the show it’s great because I’m able to progress my career and still be the mum I want to be. It’s getting really busy at the moment and sometimes it can be quite difficult. You can’t expect children to be and do everything you want them to all the time, they’re children at the end of the day and they come first; as long as they’re happy, I’m happy. 

How important is it for you to show the reality of you being a mum?

I honestly feel like we wouldn’t be where we are with series 6 and 7 if we weren’t real with what we’re doing. We’ve got two toddlers and Billie and I are both working all the time and it is a struggle, I think that’s what people like because we’re very relatable. Although we do red carpets and we’re in the public eye, I always say 95% of the time, we’re just like every other mum. We’re working, dealing with tantrums, changing nappies, going through teething, doing all of the stuff that everybody else does. We don’t have extra help apart from grandparents and we’re just juggling it all and trying to be the best parents we can be.

Who do you go to when you need advice and support?

Paul’s really good, as in big Paul, he understands everything that I’m doing and sometimes will tell me when I need to slow down. I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I do if it wasn’t for him. Obviously I’ve got my mum and sister, my mother-in-law is really good to talk to as well and my agent over here. I’ve actually got a really strong support network around me, good family and friends that have always been there when I need them.

As seen on The Mummy Diaries, the exclusive RI x Samantha Faiers edit is available in baby (0-18 months), mini (0-5 years) and kids (5-12 years) ranges, don’t miss it!
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