RIHQ Pick of the Pets | #NationalPetDay

We have their photos on our desks, are forever sharing cute videos of them at lunch and whatever mischief they’ve got up to. It’s fair to say, we’re obsessed with our pets at RI HQ. This #NationalPetDay (our favourite day of the year) we’ve rounded up just some of our favourites…

Name: Penelope Ayres

Age:  6

Lives: Ruislip 

Loves:  Attention, chasing the local pigeon in the garden, sleeping and sitting on your lap

Penelope is our Cat-egory Manager, Alice’s baby who’s part cat, part human. After being run over when she was just two, losing an eye and breaking her pelvis in eight places, she (quite rightfully) won a brave heart award at her local vets and has since learned to swim and surf at physiotherapy. Impressed? Yes we are!

Names: Rupert and Dudley Bennett
Ages:  2 & 1
Live: Leigh-on-Sea
Loves: Eating cheese and playing with big brother, Sheldon.

Name: Sheldon Bennett
Age: 5
Lives: Leigh-on-Sea
Loves: Morning head rubs, rocket and strawberries.

Rupert, Dudley and Sheldon Bennett are Digital Design Manager, Siobhan’s pride and joys. They’ve even got their own Instagram accounts (@rupertanddudley and @mr.sheldon.the.tortoise). Rupert and Dudley are the cheeky ones who have taken up the role of Neighbourhood Watch while Sheldon is a little grumpy, but can still chase his brothers round!

Name: Reggie

Age: 1

Lives: White City

Loves: Gymnastics, chilling and eating all the bugs.

Reggie is a veiled chameleon who our Creative Copywriter, Sonia is currently babysitting for her nephew. Splitting his time between White City and Buckinghamshire, he’s all about that slow-paced life (London life isn’t for him!) and he’s one chilled out chameleon.

Name: Rufus Smith

Age: 6 - but he still acts like a baby!


Loves: Muddy walks, cuddles and eating people's unattended dinners

Rufus is Social Media Assistant, Poppy’s human-turned-Cockapoo. A real-life fluffy teddy, he's no stranger to turning on the puppy dog eyes to (successfully) get himself out of trouble and takes his favourite toy for a walk round the house every night without fail.

Name: Dolly Syms

Age: 8

Lives: Ealing

Loves: Dressing up, drinking champagne, eating anything that’s poisonous for dogs

Dolly is our Senior Brand Executive, Phoebe’s fur baby. Don’t be fooled by the bunny ears, she’s actually an English Bull Terrier and is super friendly! No stranger to the dressing up box, she loves nothing more than swiping champers when nobody’s watching - her party trick is getting into cupboards and hiding!

Names: Fox and Llama Bebbington

Ages: 6 and 10 months

Live: Clapham

Love: Morning snuggles, playing fetch and napping in the sink.

Our Social Media Manager, Chloe has not one but two cat babies, Fox and Llama. Best names ever, right? Fox loves nothing more than playing with her squirrel friend and can even play fetch. You’ll find Llama wherever the water is, she even naps in the sink.

Name: Lyla

Age: 10

Lives: Northampton

Loves: Netflix, marmite on toast and chicken

Lyla the loyal Westie is our Creative Coordinator, Eloise’s baby. A self-proclaimed lady of leisure, she’s all about binge watching Netflix series - but don’t be fooled, she still loves to run round with her muddy paws and hide in the curtains.

Our top pet picks…