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Fast forward to slow down and embrace that island life. Fill your days with chilled exploration and taking in the breath-taking scenery at your own pace.

Montenegro - Sveti Stefan

A gem of the Adriatic Coast, this 15th-century island has a postcard-pretty charm that’s hard to resist. Climb the steep slopes of the mainland as the sun is setting and you’ll be rewarded with a scene of crystal-clear waters and terracotta-toned rooftops, all with a backdrop of burnt orange.


Live out your wildest David Attenborough dreams with a visit to the ‘enchanted isles’ of the Galápagos, famed as Charles Darwin’s research ground. Cruise the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, soaking up awe-inspiring volcanic landscapes and uninhabited islands before snorkelling among magnificent reef and marine life, and scuba diving with sea lions, penguins and turtles.

Italy – Sicily

Sicily, an island packed with enchanting adventure, bustles with myths, legends and irresistible Italian charm. The culture, art, architecture and food is informed by centuries of tussles between political and cultural superpowers; Norman, Arabic, Byzantine and Baroque styles and influences can be found across the island. The variety and character of Sicily makes it a compelling proposition for an island escape; discover our top picks for places to see across the island, from gorgeous coastal towns to enticing cultural experiences.

Indonesia – Bali

An island like no other, Bali is a dreamy jungle paradise with an undeniable spiritual atmosphere. As you walk along its streets, speckled with burning incense and offerings to the Hindu gods in the form of small sweets, flowers and strangely, cigarettes, you’ll feel this divine connection emanating from everything. Discover what makes this destination so extraordinary, whether you choose to explore its ethereal temples, make friends with the local monkeys, dive with myriad marine life or get your adrenaline pumping on jungle swings.

Australia - Lizard Island

A speck of an island in the middle of the GBR, Lizard Island is a popular starting point for dives along the Ribbon Reef to the east. World-famous Cod Hole is the best place to spot insanely large potato cods, who are so friendly they’ll come nuzzle with you (in exchange for some food). You could spend weeks diving the Ribbon Reef and still not scratch the surface (metaphorically, not literally), but Cod Hole is definitely one of the best.

Scotland - Coll, Inner Hebrides

The Isle of Coll, located far west in the Inner Hebrides, is an island almost entirely dedicated to marvelling at the night sky. This tiny spot of land, with a population of just 32 people, is the world’s second Dark Sky Island, an achievement which doesn’t come easily. This title means that the entire community are dedicated to maintaining a dark sky; therefore there are no streetlamps, making every trip out after dark quite the adventure. The sky here is so dark that you’ll even have a strong chance of spotting deep sky objects, like the Great Orion Nebula.

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