Living room looks

This time round we know what we’re doing, what we like and what we don’t. We’re loungewear experts with degrees in at-home styling but for the festive season we’re upping our game. We’re putting party loungewear on the map and making it LBD iconic because let’s face it when the hottest new venue is your living room; comfort is key. So, for lockdown 2.0 treat yourself like a queen and party in luxe feather trimmed pyjamas because why not?!

Dress up anyway!

We’re big believers in dressing up for YOU! Sure, we’re leaving the house less and it feels pointless but why? Fashion is meant to be fun and a creative outlet to express yourself. Lift your mood by making every day of lockdown 2.0 an occasion. Whether you’re staying in or doing your food shop, rediscover your wardrobe and set yourself the goal to dress up every day. Try out new trends, layering styles, clashing prints, anything - your house is your oyster! 

Colour me cosy

Sequels are never as good as the original and we hate to say it but lockdown 2.0 doesn’t look promising either. The days are shorter, colder and darker which isn’t a great mix for our mental health. Take your joy into your own hands by dressing in every colour of the rainbow.  Wearing a bright pink jumper instead of black might not solve all your problems but it’ll definitely brighten up your day and combat the winter doom and gloom.

Essential non-essentials

We’re not convinced that anyone gets to decide what’s personally essential to us, and at River Island, we take fashion personally. Over the next month, we encourage you to find joy where you can whether that’s treating yourself to a new pair of shoes you don’t need or a sparkly sequin dress you’ve got no plans for. We need all the feel good energy we can get right now so why not indulge? Sure, you might not need it, but you want it, badly and there’s nothing wrong with that!