The RI Gift Guide

Christmas is a time of joy but Christmas shopping isn’t. While we all love to spoil our loved ones, the stress of wanting to find the perfect present can sometimes get a bit much. That’s where we come in. Welcome to the RI Gift Guide… 
If there’s one word to describe this girl, it’s boujee. Whether she’s brunching her weekend away or dining at fancy restaurants, she’s always put together and is always looking a million dollars. She likes to be spoiled and we know exactly how to do that. Our ‘Villanelle’ coat will be just the thing she’s after, keeping her warm without compromising her chic look. Is she always jetting off? She’ll need a weekend bag that favours aesthetics and practicality. Our silver embossed duffle bag will do the trick. Whether it’s a lunch date or dancing all night, she won’t be seen without her heels and these diamante boots are right up her street. Even though she probably never glances at her wrist, favouring her phone for her time updates, a blingy watch is still at the top of her list.
When it comes to staying in or going out, this girl chooses a cosy night in every time. She loves winter because the bitter weather is the perfect excuse to curl up on the sofa with a good book and her fave film and her home is her sanctuary. Make her cosy Christmas dreams come true with this pink velour onesie - she won’t take it off. For the times that she’s forced off the sofa to grab a snack, keep her feet warm with these faux fur slippers and she’ll feel like she’s walking on clouds. Help her set the mood and get her feeling zen with a deliciously scented candle, while encouraging her (like she needs it) to get snuggled up with this super soft faux fur blanket. 
Coming alive at this time of year, this girl can handle anything that party season throws at her. Up all night with a stamina like no other, she’s always serving looks but never sleeping. She wants it all, the looks, the accessories and the attitude. Wait no, she definitely has plenty of attitude. Make sure she knows she’s the gift and treat her to this bow front velvet playsuit. An update on the LBD with a sprinkle of sass, it’s so good she’ll even outfit repeat it. If it ain’t diamante, she ain’t interested so double up with a cute 90s style diamante bag and matching heels. She’ll need something to wrap up in on the way home but nothing that will compromise her fire look. This chic blazer will do the trick. 
Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact and we have the proof. Whether you’re bulking up her gift with stocking fillers or are handing out a thoughtful gesture, these are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. There’s nothing like sinking into a hot bath at the end of the day (or using it to defrost after being outside) so encourage relaxation with these bath fizzers. The toiletry gift set is the official gift of Christmas and she’s sure to love this perfume and hand cream combo - she deserves a little indulgence. These leopard print prosecco flutes will definitely come in handy while all those bottles are popping in celebration. We all spend too much times on our phones but if she’s always complaining about her drained battery, this will be the perfect gift. It looks great and she won’t have to worry about being stationed next to a power socket! 
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