The RI Good News Round Up

Here at RI we like to be as positive as we can, even in a time of uncertainty. To give you (and us, tbh) some light relief, we’ll be rounding up the good news we’ve come across as well as the latest from our #IslandersAtHome and some cute animal pics for good measure. Were you a fan of our weekly Trending Now feature? Don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing our Celeb Moment and Funniest Tweet! Let’s go…

Lockdown 3.0 is in full swing and we’re not excited about it, but we know how to handle it! We’re all about those mood-boosting moves so boss your daily exercise and make the most of the outdoors!

Feel like you’re wasting hours on TikTok? You’re not alone but some good can come from it! ‘Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical’ has raised over $1m for the Actors Fund! Check it out.

When this little guy popped up on our explore page, we knew we had to share and @mogenstrolle is our fave new follow. Follow for amazing wildlife photography!

This week Sarah Jessica Parker broke Instagram when she announced a Sex and the City reunion! We can’t wait for the new series, 2021 isn’t looking so bad after all…

In times of hardship it always helps to turn to gratitude. This week, write out a list of everything you’re grateful for, even the tiny little things you take for granted. It’ll make you feel so much better!

Couldn’t agree more Rylan!