Six Summer Reads You Need

Far away destinations are off limits (for now) but being transported to different worlds through fiction definitely isn’t. You don’t need a pool to get lost in a sizzling storyline this summer, just the RI summer reading list. Our criteria? Page turning, addictive, can’t-stop-thinking-about reads that that make you forget your phone exists. Get ready to make a dent in your bank balance because you’ll want to read these best books of the summer asap …

Americanah, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Every summer reading list should include at least one love story and Americanah is our top pick this summer. Forget chic lit, this love story is anything but superficial. The story follows the lives of childhood sweethearts, Ifemelu and Obinze, across three continents and explores themes of race, identity and the idea of ‘home’. If you’re looking for a novel that tackles modern day racism and can be devoured in one sitting, Americanah is your best bet.

Expectation, Anna Hope

This book is our latest obsession and we’re letting you in on the secret. Expectation follows the dreams and disappointments of three best friends over a ten year period and whether life plays out like they expected (spoiler: it doesn’t). The story explores the curveballs life can throw at you and the highs and lows of friendship. This book will make you question everything you’re doing and every relationship you have so proceed carefully! 

Wonderland, Juno Dawson

Wonderland is a wild ride so buckle up. A contemporary retelling of the classic Alice in Wonderland, author Juno Dawson follows transgender girl Alice on her journey to find her troubled friend Bunny who is missing. During her quest Alice is invited to Wonderland the party to end all parties where only the elite are allowed. Juno Dawson’s latest novel explores mental health, gender and privilege and always doesn’t disappoint.

The Holiday, T. M. Logan

The perfect summer read from the title alone, The Holiday is a gripping thriller that we read in one sitting. Set in sunny Provence, a perfect holiday is turned on its head when Kate discovers her husband is having an affair with one of her best friends. She doesn’t know which one, but they are willing to kill to keep their secret hidden. If you’re after a juicy page turner full of twist and turns this book is for you.

Normal People, Sally Rooney

If you haven’t seen the BBC adaptation yet where have you been?! Redeem yourself and get in the know by reading the book first and falling love with Connell second. Normal People is another love story you won’t be able to put down. Set in Ireland, the story begins with misfit Marianne and popular Connell at school and is about their mutual fascination, love and friendship. This book is a heart wrencher so get ready for all the feels.

The Hungover Games, Sophie Heawood

If you want a relatable glimpse into motherhood and being a single parent, The Hungover Games is your next read. Described as ‘the funnier Bridget Jones’, Sophie Heawood’s debut novel documents six years of her life from partying in Hollywood to bringing up a baby solo in East London. Sophie didn’t mean to become a mother but through her funny, dark and honest narrative we learn how she found love where she least expected it.

Queenie , Candice Carty Williams

We could read this book over and over again it’s that good! Queenie is a coming of age tale that explores black female identity and sexual politics in contemporary Britain. Caught between her Jamaican British family who don’t understand her, a job that’s not all it promised and an ex she can’t get over, Queenie’s life is spiralling out of control. The novel touches upon mental health, race, class and consent and is our no.1 must read this summer.