Things I learnt to love about myself...
We’re the first to preach about self-love and owning who you are but getting there takes time. In a world of social media, comparison really is the thief of joy and can make loving who you are challenging. We realised that we could either waste our entire lives trying to change ourselves or embrace who we are and learn to love the very things we’ve been taught to hate. Guess which option we chose? Obviously the second one! Find out what our Islanders have learnt to love about themselves and get ready to feel inspired...

After being stretched and stressed trying to do everything, I realised in order to find peace, I needed to start listening and respecting my inner rhythm. If it’s telling me to go slower or faster than everyone around me, I have to trust it and do that. In doing so, it's brought so much peace and truth to who I am. 

I always felt that expressing my feelings and being vulnerable wasn’t cool so at the age of 11 I started writing poetry so I could let that out. Ten years later, I was invited to a spoken word event to read a couple of my poems and I decided to invite friends and family. That moment was my turning point because I received such a supportive reaction and it’s allowed me to build better connections with people. Now, being a deep and expressive person is what I love the most about being me.

I’m quite a loud and extroverted person, some people used to say I was like marmite because you either loved or hated my big personality. I’ve learned to love being a big character and feel proud that I stick to my guns and don’t change myself for others. It feels good to embrace my big personality because it’s something that my family and friends love about me!

I’ve learnt that some days it’s fine to do nothing and watch Netflix and that some days I can organise an afternoon tea, read a book, tick off my whole to-do list and feel like I have so much energy. It’s okay to not be okay some days!

One thing I’ve learnt (still learning, it’s a process) to love about myself is my tummy. Last year I finally got diagnosed with endometriosis after having symptoms for 10+ years. One of the most common symptoms is a swelling belly, this means I can go up three dress sizes in one day which has been difficult to come to terms with. But, realising that it’s because my body is working extra hard to keep me well and just needs a little extra love than the average person is helping me learn to love this swelly tum of mine. It also gives me a great excuse to buy more clothes as my wardrobe has to house 3 different sizes!