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Trending Now: The 2019 Round Up

2019 marks the end of a decade and boy, what a year it’s been! It was the year of the vegan sausage roll, the year an egg got more likes on Instagram than Kylie Jenner and the year we all saw into the future, ageing ourselves on FaceApp. It wouldn’t be the last week of 2019 without doing a round up post, so here’s our RI highlights, as well as the stuff you’ve loved over the course of the year! Happy New Year!

We kicked off the year with the launch of our #ThisIsFamily campaign, embracing families biological or chosen, in all shapes and sizes. We want to say thank you to all of our featured families for making it such a great year!

The youngest member of the family turned one! You’ve showed us all the ways your little ones have been rocking the collection over the past year and we’ve had permanent *heart eyes* ever since.

It was officially the year of TikTok! We launched our account on everyone’s favourite new social media platform and gave you a reason to stare at your phone for even longer. Sorry, not sorry.

You asked and we listened! Giving you even more reasons to treat yourself to a little bit of RI, you can now split your payments into three. You are very welcome!

You guys really made the most of out having the hottest day on record this summer and were all about the swimwear. Doesn’t it all feel like a distant memory now?

RuPaul’s Drag Race FINALLY touched down in London town and we embraced it with open arms! While our queens are not as polished as the US’, there’s no beating that British humour!

There’s no doubt that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker stole the show this year, we’re pretty sure that everyone at HQ went to see it!

Any song that makes us feel like our best, most powerful self is an instant hit to us and Lizzo’s Good As Hell does that and more. It’s the Independent Woman Anthem of 2019 in our eyes.