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Trending Now: The week's most wanted

Wanna know what’s hot right now? We’ve got this week’s most coveted styles right here, as chosen by you. These are the pieces you’re loving on Facebook, Instagram and as well as this week's celebrity moment, funniest tweet and more!

Read on to see what made the cut…

The best thing about the colder months? Wrapping up and feeling your boujee best in faux fur. This one is giving us major ‘70s glam vibes.

We know we’re biased but River Island staff sure know how to work it! Steal Becca’s style and embrace all things dogtooth.

With party season around the corner, it’s wise to update your roster of printed shirts so you’re ready for any occasion. We’ve got you.

When it comes to accessorising, it’s time to up your game. Adding a fedora to a simple outfit levels it up and here’s the proof.

We have a getting-her-ready hack! Step 1. Buy this bedazzled boilersuit Step 2. Put her in it Step 3. Done!

It’s time to wrap your little guy up! This hooded Herringbone overcoat is going to have him looking the right amount of smart/casual.

The perfect co-ord doesn’t exi- oh wait, it does. Wear them together, wear the separately, this is your party season look. Heat Magazine approves.

Kim turned 39 this week and while Kanye usually goes OTT with gifts, this year he was a little more philanthropic and donated $1 million to a prison reform charity in her name. Cute tbh.

We all grew up dreaming of staying in Barbie’s Dreamhouse and now you can! Airbnb has listed our favourite blonde’s humble abode. Who’s taking us?

Shout out to the top left…