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Trending now: this week's most wanted

Wanna know what’s hot right now? We’ve got this week’s most coveted styles right here, as chosen by you. These are the pieces you’re loving on Facebook, Instagram and, as well as this week's celebrity moment, funniest tweet and more!

Read on to see what made the cut…

If summer had a dress, this would be it. We'll be wearing with a denim jacket and sandals!

The Caroline Flack dress everyone's talking about. Got yours yet?

Denim jackets are a winner in this weather and this red contrast stitch takes the lead for us.

Not a denim fan? No worries. This suede rust jacket is for you.

Snake print AND feathers. We're sold! And she will be too.

Staying home just got cute with this boho-inspired cushion!

Skinny sunglasses are sticking around for summer and we’re here for it. Heat mag loves them too.

The West’s (very aptly) announced the name of baby no.4, Psalm on Mother’s Day in the US. Thoughts?

It’s official: Flack is back on the Island! Not shopped the new collection? There are some hot new arrivals…

Now that is one Countdown Special that we would watch! 5-star rating worthy? We think so…

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