Trending now: This week's most wanted

Wanna know what’s hot right now? We’ve got this week’s most coveted styles right here, as chosen by you. These are the pieces you’re loving on Facebook, Instagram and, as well as this week's celebrity moment, funniest tweet and more!

Read on to see what made the cut…

Pink Snake Print Loose Fit Shirt

We already know snake print is right up your street, but give the trend a fun update and go for pink! This loose fit shirt will take you from day to night.

Instagram – Most Loved

You’ve been looking for a reason to finally book that holiday and it looks like you found it over on our Insta this week. Beach, please!

Ecru Stripe Button Through Shirt

Spring is on its way, so it’s time to update your shirt selection. This colour block detailing option is a good place to start.

Instagram – Most Loved

So we know your holiday is pending and this is the silky shirt and short combo you need to pack with you. Did someone say pool party?

If you Wannabe in her good books, you have got to get her this tee! It was made for your very own Baby Spice.

If it’s on his sweatshirt, it must be true! Brighten up his day with this sunshine yellow sweat; he’ll love it!

Press Highlight

Barbie called, she wants her shoes back! These fuchsia pink mules are on the top of New! Magazine’s shopping list (and ours!)

A.Rod finally did the deed and proposed to Queen J.Lo! Don’t be fooled by the rock that she’s got, this is her 5th proposal and we can see why! Time has evidently stood still for this babe. Congrats Jenny!

The Aladdin trailer! The full trailer is out and while we were initially a bit freaked out by Will Smith’s Genie, we’re now getting v excited for the film. Yes, we did get goosebumps.

We’re just glad that no one was harmed in the making of this tweet.