Ever stop and actually listen to what you’re saying? And where it comes from? Our collective vocabulary is littered with iconic phrases from popular tv shows and films that trickle through into the Zeitgeist and into your group chat. Scroll and we bet ‘Yass queen’ and ‘love that for you’ will pop up over and over again but who said it first? Forget Urban Dictionary, stick with us and all will be revealed …

“Come the f*ck on Bridget!”

One of the best rom-coms of all time, Bridget Jones’s Diary, treated us to a lot of iconic moments but this line is our personal fave.

How to use it: whenever you need to tell your bestie not-so-subtly to get a serious move on!

“We were on a break!”

You don’t have to be a Friends fanatic to know where this one originated from. We’ve held Ross Geller personally responsible for all relationship grey areas since the iconic episode aired.

How to use it: never.

“Nobody puts baby in the corner”

From cult classic Dirty Dancing, Hollywood heart throb Patrick Swayze has dibs on this iconic line that we say all the time. It sparked off the famous Dirty Dancing lift that everyone has attempted at least once!

How to use it: when you’re not getting the attention you deserve!

“There’s no place like home”

Who knew that The Wizard of Oz film would be so relevant to our strange new normal? Dorothy definitely would’ve thrived during lockdown, she’d bake all the banana breadand buy all the loungewear.

How to use it: when lockdown 3.0 gets a bit much and you need a healthy dose of perspective


One of our faves from Keeping Up With The Kardashians meaning that you’re telling the truth and originating from swearing on a bible in court. After 20 season of drama, Karjenner slang was bound to have an effect.

How to use: “Bible! I want my ipad, my pen and my keyboard back.” 

“I’ll have a pint, of wine”

Coined by Gavin & Stacey legend, Nessa, at Stacey’s hen do, this line has become the mantra for every girls night.

How to use: when pubs finally reopen. 

“My type on paper”

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny Love Island has massively influenced how we speak. From ‘putting all my eggs in one basket’ to having your ‘head turned’ we owe the show so much.

How to use: when a guy ticks all your boxes on paper but has zero chat and you’ve got the ick.

“That’s hot”

We have the original influencer, Paris Hilton, and her pal Nicole Richie to thank for this one. The iconic line was first said in their show The Simple Life in the mid 00s to just about anything.

How to use: To describe literally anything. New shoes? “That’s hot”, A bag of rubbish? “That’s hot.”