Working from home with RI

If, like us, you’re working from home, you might be feeling a little out of your depth if. At first, it sounds like a dream but by day three, you start to realise you need to set some ground rules to make sure you get stuff done! If you’re watching TikToks more than answering emails, then here are a few handy tips to get you into work mode (and put the phone down!)

Staying up watching Netflix is all fun and games until you wake up the next day to hundreds of emails from your boss asking where you’ve been and you realise it’s 2pm. Set an alarm and make a new daily routine that separates home time from work time and helps you get in (and out of) the zone.

Working from bed sounds appealing but a clean space where you can be the most productive version of you is the goal. Have your go-to snacks to hand and, if you can, face your desk so you’re looking outside. Getting a glimpse to the outside world will help that cabin fever.

Whether you’re a regular gym bunny or a proud couch potato, working from home will limit how much you move. Make the most of having that extra commuteless time and schedule in some exercise whether that’s a jog around the garden, a hiit session or some yoga.

Resisting the temptation to stay in your pj’s all day is hard but making an effort will kickstart your day. Do as RI would and make the most of not having a dress code. Wear that fancy outfit you’ve been saving or try out a new look you’ve been too shy to wear out – call it a dress rehearsal.

Unless you’re the king or queen of self-control you’re going to have to lose the phone.Put it on airplane mode, in another room or throw it outside if you have to… No work is going to get done with Instagram, Twitter and the group chat at your fingertips. Procrastination? Don’t know her.

We know we said lose the phone but working from home can get lonely so keep in touch with your work mates during your scheduled breaks. There’s nothing wrong with having a cheeky gossip, moan or a distracting chat with your work bestie to cheer you up. As long as your work gets done, we approve!

Plan something nice to do at the end of each day to get that sweet work-life balance. Usually you’d signal the end of the working day by going home but that’s a bit tricky when you’re already there. Cook yourself a nice meal, skype your pals with a glass of wine or have a sing and a dance to your favourite tunes