Cool Girl Lulu Bonfils | Do Celebrate Curves

Cool Girl Lulu Bonfils | Do Celebrate Curves

While we love her modelling work (obviously) we can’t get enough of Lulu Bonfil’s life affirming IG feed - from lingerie-clad mirror selfies to shots of her own art and very real life commentary, she is the definition of ‘GOALS’. Kind and caring, she’s a believer in self-love and gives herself daily affirmations. She recognises the stigma that comes with being a Plus model, but her message is clear ‘DO CELEBRATE CURVES’. We sat down for a chat with the super-babe and here’s what she had to say…

On her style:

My style is very multifaceted. If I want to look really feminine I’ll probably wear something a little tighter but when I’m feeling masculine, I’ll wear something baggy and dress it down. I also wear a lot of vintage and old punk clothes that I had when I was younger. It’s a bit of everything.

On her pets:

I’m very close to my pet rats! I have two and they’re the loves of my life. I have a white named Sedric and a black one named Smog. They’re very much like little babies, Sedric is like a troubled teen and Smog is a sweet baby.

On being a Libra:

I definitely identify with my sign, Libra. Everyone says Libras are the mediators of drama or whatever, and I feel like I’m always in the position of trying to calm people down. I’m very level-headed and I’m always weighing up the options in situations to get the best outcome.

On simple pleasures:

I was really happy the other day, it was a really nice day in Brooklyn and the weather was perfect. I went to the park with my boyfriend with loads of snacks and it was so nice! 

On art:

I’ve always done art, I go to art school and I’m a drawing major. It’s my main love! I love exploring different mediums, I’m inspired by human behaviour, anatomy and physiology. My mum is a painter as well!

On her influences:

I look up to my friends in the plus industry, a lot of them are older and so successful so they’re a big influence on me. I also look up to my art professors, I feel like they’re a really good example of people who are working successfully in the art world and they never stop practising!

On confidence:

I find confidence from finding the good things in myself and giving myself positive affirmations. You definitely have to be conscious that you don’t compare yourself to other people. Know who you are and keep that unique style to yourself.

On stereotypes:

People can think that because you’re a Plus model you’re really lazy, you don’t work out and you eat fast food all the time. They think you’re just getting by in the industry, but that’s really not the case. I still work on jobs where I’m disrespected because of my body, it’s rare but it’s real.