How to beat fatigue

Tired of feeling tired? Join the club! Our return to ‘normality’ is exciting but truthfully, we’re exhausted. After spending most of the summer inside alone, our bodies and minds have got used to the simple life. Suddenly, we’ve thrown ourselves back in the deep end of having a social life and the 9-5 grind just as the days are getting shorter. Such bad timing! Beat your fatigue and resist the urge to nap with our helpful tips and we promise you’ll power through till bedtime …


A lot of us are still WFH and while it’s good to feel comfy and warm it can make sleepiness worse. If you need to perk up for your morning meeting, open a window and blast your fave upbeat song to feel super alert. The aim isn’t to freeze but to get out of cosy mode and into a competent colleague state of mind.


Before you freak out, you can always go from four cups to two – it doesn’t have to be goodbye forever. Caffeine can actually make us feel more tired not awake unlike what we’ve been told. Cut down your daily cups or if matcha doesn’t make your skin crawl swap your cup of joe for the green stuff.


Take your mind off wanting to be in bed by making plans. Fill your days will activities that distract and fulfil you with other people - keeping in mind the new government guidelines of a maximum of 6 people per group. Talking, especially to strangers, energises us and keeps us focused but remember to keep your distance. So, whether you hang out with mates for an absorbing DMC or strike up a convo with someone new, it’s time to fill up your calendar safely.


A morning workout can really set you up for a good day especially if you venture outside. Outdoor workouts are top tier because not only do you get an energy boosting hit of endorphins but all that vitamin D too. The best bit? Breakfast taste 10 times better somehow …


Are you feeling anxious or stressed about our post lockdown new ‘normal’? Don’t worry, a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed and constantly exhausted. Identify what you’re worried about and then find some relaxing techniques that work for you. If you learn what helps you to destress, your tiredness will decrease.


Are you eating enough? When we don’t fuel our bodies with enough energy boosting foods it makes sense that we feel exhausted. Make sure you have a balanced breakfast and eat nutrition rich, protein heavy foods such as bananas, nuts and oats. Our bonus tip is to eat little and often to avoid a blood sugar crash.


Of course, if you still feel exhausted after trying these tips, go see your GP! It’s important to get the support that your body needs and to make sure there isn’t something else going on