Anastasia AKA Floral Princess | The Haul & Tell All

We might be dreaming of sandy beaches and endless ice-creams but the weather is yet to get the memo! Rain then shine, outfit selection is becoming a bit of a ‘mare. Ditch that pre-summer struggle, teen Queen (make that Floral Princess) and vlogger Anastasia has come to our rescue with a haul of her RI favourites.

And, that’s not all, as well as discovering her royal picks from our teen range, we found out loads more about Anastasia in a juicy Q&A sesh and ‘never have we ever’ had so much fun!

Check out the haul bc let’s face it, anything fit for a princess is going straight on our wish list too!

How did you get into vlogging?

I watched a tonne of YouTubers before trying it out myself; it was a long process but with my friend’s encouragement I decided to start my own channel. 

What advice do you have for others wanting to get into vlogging?

Always be yourself, I say this to everyone who wants to start. Be the best version of yourself and let people see the real you. When coming onto the scene you want to bring something fresh, something new and something fun that nobody has seen before.

Who are you stalking on Instagram?

I love stalking @sophia_mitch and @lelepons - they are gorgeous icons to take inspiration from!

Describe your style in 3 worlds…

Edgy, Vintage, Chic

Which is your favourite piece from your recent RI Haul?

I love the black backpack, I have wanted one for so long and the quality of this one is perfect. I can fit so much into it too which is handy for days out!

What’s your go-to outfit for non-uniform day?

I always go with black skinny, high wasted jeans and a slogan t-shirt tucked in. I’ll pair it with my favourite trainers and a jacket that I’ll often wear on my shoulders - it can make a huge difference to your entire outfit!

What’s your beauty secret?

Strip back to the basics! I used to overdo my skincare routine and it eventually ruined my skin. Now, I wash my face with warm water, apply a moisturiser and that’s it. I have noticed a huge improvement from just doing this!