Hairdressers are finally opening up again (yay) but unless you booked ahead you might find you’re on a very long waiting list. While you wait, why not make the most of your long lockdown locks with our four handy hair tutorials? Whether French Braids are more your vibe or you want to give Bantu Knot Twist a go, we’ve perfected four styles for you to follow. Become a master of hair with our handy step by step guides and who knows? You might even cancel your cut …

1. Create two even sections

2. Select three pieces

3. Cross number 2 over number 3 for an “inside out” French braid.

4. Cross number 3 over number 1and continue with the French plait.

5. Once all the hair in that section is in the French plait, then braid a normal plait with the rest and tie in a bobble at the end

6. One side done YAY! Now do the exact same on the other side.

7. Finished look!

1. Section the hair into manageable sizes.

2. With the first section, start twisting the anti-clockwise with your index finger and thumb

3. As you twist, let the hair wrap around itself in a clockwise direction, starting from the base. Clip the end down with a hair slide if needed.

4. Repeat for all the other sections. Wait a few hours.

5. Unwrap your twist, starting from the end. A bit like unscrewing the cap of a bottle!

6. Gently separate the curl into two, starting from the root to the end.

7. Fluff and puff!


1. Part your hair to your liking and gather some hair from the crown to section off.

2. Take a one-inch section of hair from one side above your part. Split the section into two and start twisting them together.

3. As you keep twisting, add in hair from your hairline to one section & twist that back over to the other section.

4. Repeat these steps until you reach the top of your ear and pin this using two bobby pins.

5. Repeat this on the other side of your parted hair.

6. Gently pull on the twists to add some volume & texture.

7. Release the crown section. You can leave this here & wear your hair out if you prefer.

8. Gather the loose hair into three sections, create a normal braid & tie this up.

9. Lift the braid & wrap it inwards, tucking the ends in & use bobby pins around the bun to secure it into place.

10. Once secured, you can leave it or add a scrunchie to make it even cuter!

1. Fix your grown out lockdown fringe without a drastic cut!

2. All you’ll need is a brush, a hair band and a few hair slides.

3. Brush your fringe forward from your crown to section it.

4. Put your hair into bunches so it doesn’t get in the way of the twist and fold process.

5. Hold your fringe back to the side of your hair and begin to twist and fold the strands backwards, taking care to fold any stray bits as this will help ‘secure’ them. There’s no ‘strict’ method here, let your fingertips guide you.

6. Secure with a grip or cute slides and repeat on the other side.

7. Voila! Bad fringe banished!