How to dress the part for Autumn/Winter 2022

If you're already one of Georgina Lennon and Megan Carole's Insta followers (they have a combined 300k), you already know their autumn clothing style tips and tricks are going to be top tier. This time, we’ve focused in on dresses and occasionwear. Make sure to take notes...

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The little black dress is a wardrobe staple for party season: what are three, unexpected ways to wear it?

M: A faux leather jacket, that gorgeous dress and add a pair of biker boots! Sandra Dee but make it fashion. A blazer and heels for a more dressed up vibe. And finally, less is more: wear that LBD with confidence! A few gorgeous jewellery pieces and plain black heels, you can’t go wrong.

What do you love most about getting dressed up?

The way it makes me feel. I can’t deny that it’s almost like stepping into my alter ego. I find it so empowering, wearing something that boosts confidence. Even to get dressed up to go nowhere, it’s all about the way I feel! 

How would you describe your personal style?

G: I would say clean, tailored, with a mix of modern and classic. I don’t do fussy: I like the pieces in my wardrobe to work hard to keep their place. 

Can you share your top three styling tips when it comes to dresses? 

1. Dress for your body type! Trends will throw all sorts at you each season but knowing what works for you will take you far.  

2. Shoe choice is crucial. Pay attention to where the dress hits on your leg and choose the shoe accordingly. For example, an ankle strap will cut you off, a nude pointed toe will elongate the leg. At the same time, the choice of shoe can completely change a dress; dress it up or down & make it versatile.  

3. Play with proportion! If I’m wearing a tight mini dress, I’ll use an oversized clutch to balance the look, or if I’m wearing something more oversized, I’ll wear a heel with a pointed toe and a micro bag.

Party season is just around the corner. What's your top tip for choosing the perfect dress for a glamorous occasion? 

M: Go with your heart. If you find a dress that you instantly fall in love with, chances are you will feel 100% confident wearing it too! Listen to your instincts and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Life’s too short.

You’ve been invited to a friend's winter wedding. You love neutrals but want to wear something a little bit different, what do you wear? 

Let’s go with satin. I love a satin dress, in a deep green colour. Keeping in a wintery feel with the colour but also not too bright and bold!

Share your number one tip for re-styling your dresses for Autumn/Winter

G: It’s a lot easier in Autumn/Winter to re-style as there are more options;  boots, heels, tights, layer a blazer over the top, layer the dress over a shirt or roll neck - so my top tip would be to think outside of the box to make your dresses work harder in your wardrobe.

The work Christmas party is nearly here and everyone is ready to dance the night away, what do you wear?

I think the black bodycon dress I wore in the campaign would be perfect. It’s SO flattering, the perfect amount of party, but has a split so you won’t feel restricted when dancing! 

Your wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without…

A black midi dress - I know it does wonders for my figure, I can style it in so many ways. It’s just something that makes me feel my best.

The work Christmas party is nearly here and everyone is ready to dance the night away, what do you wear?

M: A power suit or a jumpsuit, she will be serving you boss businesswoman but she’s ready to party.

It’s your 30th birthday, and your friends & family have planned what they think is a secret surprise birthday party. What do you wear to be the belle of the ball?

Do you know what? If the vibes I’m getting from everyone is that it’s going to be a night to remember, I’m going ALL OUT. Ruffles big heels, a gloss lip - let’s celebrate baby!

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