Love Not Labels #3 Meet Kenny

Love Not Labels #3 Meet Kenny

Transgender and totally transparent about it, London born Kenny Jones is a man with a game-plan in getting what (and being who) he wants. Totally charming, we chatted to our dreamy #LOVENOTLABELS rep about life, love and that time he fell down the toilet at two years old…

 Who are you?
I’m Kenny, I’m 24 and I’m a transgender model. I’ve been a trader for five years, I trade currencies - the modelling I kind of fell into. 

What’s your USP?
My charisma towards my transition. When asked about my party trick, I’ll lift up my top to show my scars and say ‘I’m trans’. I’m proud of those scars, they’re like trophies. It’s hard to hold enthusiasm the whole way through, but I’ve always come out with humour; that’s what makes me.

Can you tell us a little more about that journey?
When I was two, my mum used to mind these kids after school, all boys. I remember I could see them in the bathroom peeing, standing up! One day I just thought, I’m going to try that, so I stood on the side of the toilet bowl and fell in! There were other things too. I went to a wedding when I was five, my mum put me in a dress, I didn’t want to wear it, so I jumped in the bath to get it wet, I got wear a tracksuit instead - it was purple velvet. Those are the funny stories. But, I had a hard time at school and didn’t feel like I fit in, it became apparent that there was something really wrong, I just didn’t understand why. Back then transgender wasn’t a word - you had gender dysphoria. So, when I left the all-girl school I was attending and got diagnosed at 14 it was a relief moment for me. I started hormone blockers when I was 16, testosterone when I was 18 and had a double mastectomy at 20.

So it’s been quite a journey…
Yes, but I’m so glad I did it while I was young and now I can just live my life the way I want it to be. Also, my mum died not that long ago and I’m so happy that she got to see my true self. She was my best friend through it all, went to every doctor's appointment, every meeting and she was there for every cry I had. 

What does masculinity mean to you?

It’s just about being confident with who you are, and I don’t think it’s a gender thing. At the end of the day you have women who embrace masculinity and men that embrace femininity – I just think it depends on who you want to be in that moment. I have moments when I’m very flamboyant, I can be really demanding and I can have dramatic strops, but it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that I present myself as a man.

What’s your connection to Pride?

Discovering Pride was when I first knew I could be myself and that there were more people out there like me. Prior to that I didn’t really have role models, I’m not someone who watched media at all, not even TV. I remember my cousin taking me to London Pride, I was 15 and it was just good vibes, everyone was happy being themselves - it felt like home.

How will you be celebrating? 

Two places you’ll always see me are London and Brighton Pride. I have a tradition, I go with TG written on my chest with glitter and I watch the faces of people who walk by, trying to work it out. I want people to ask me what it means and open up that conversation.

What does hearts not parts mean to you?
I love it and I feel like it specifically talks to a transgender person. I always say it’s not your genitals or anatomy that defines your gender. This just says exactly that in three words.  


What do you love?

My mum, she’ll always be there and cars, super-cars… fast cars, I’m obsessed!

Do you have a catchphrase?

“That’s your business”, you’ll hear me say it so many times a day, especially if someone has an issue I don’t want to deal with.

Have you ever had a fashion disaster?
I’m always a fashion disaster! My style is just Kenny style, there’s nothing like it. If I like it then I want it - that’s it.

Which colour of the rainbow are you?

Red - it represents so many emotions, anger, love, passion, strength.