RI Loves The NHS

We absolutely love the NHS and are amazed at how much they are doing for us during this time. Saving lives, while putting theirs at risk, these heroes need all the support and love that they can get right now. We wanted to give back to the NHS, key workers and care-givers by utilising our time and resources in the best way possible! This isn’t about how great we are, this is about how amazing they are and how we’re just doing what we can to support.

We Want Scrubs

The NHS needs all the scrubs it can get right now! We all know that people are in desperate need of PPE so we’re using our existing supplier base to create scrubs. We currently have 2,500 in production and we’ll be donating these to Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

We’re also supporting Scrub Hub (a network of voluntary community groups who love to sew, and who are making scrubs for NHS staff) by using our existing stock of fabrics, trims and edges. We’ve already donated 1000m of fabric and will be donating more over time. Not only that, we are also using our specialists to help with pattern cutting and we’ll be providing our own machinists to help with sewing.

On The Move

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to getting essential equipment from A to B so we’ve been using our transport system to support Freeway Medical to deliver equipment to NHS hospitals. The equipment includes chart trolleys, IV poles and beds and so far we've invested 124 hours, driven for 3946 miles and delivered to 18 different hospitals. A small thing we can do to make a huge difference! 

Masks On

There’s no denying how important PPE masks are to NHS staff and key frontline workers, so we’ve bought 10,000 masks to donate to the people that need them most. We will be donating 5000 masks to Great Ormond Street Hospital and 5000 masks to Age UK for them to distribute amongst care homes, protecting the most vulnerable. 

And that’s not it! Our Islanders At home have been using their time to help out as much as they can in their communities. Their stories are inspiring so stay tuned to find out what they’ve been up to!