Cosy clothes to chill in

January is a notoriously quiet month. After last month’s festivities, no one has the energy or, let's be honest, funds to leave the house much. Chilling on the sofa, watching Netflix and scrolling on TikTok is the most you’ll get up to this month. So, what to wear? Here are three cosy outfits that are ideal for a month (and more) of extreme downtime.

Off to watch the football at your mates? Sorry to break it to you but more effort is required. Not loads, just enough to not out yourself as the slight slob you've been after Christmas. The only real change is to swap your joggers for jeans and you’ll be ready to play the part of the perfect house guest. A graphic tee, comfy trainers and a cosy beanie complete this outfit perfectly.

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Back home and reunited with your joggers. There’s something so comforting about a tracksuit and this one is the softest of them all. The dark navy is great for snack sessions but the white tee, trainers and beige baseball cap elevate the on-the-sofa mood. One to wear while bingeing that series everyone kept banging on about at New Years.

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Stay comfy but professional on working from home days thanks to an all-neutral colour palette. It doesn't really matter whether you're wearing a sweat set or a suit, colour coordinated always looks polished and put together. Answer calls in a pristine cream hoodie (take it off when you eat lunch) and settle down to an afternoon of emails in tan cargo trousers that feel like pyjamas.

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