The Influencer's Guide To RI Swim

Finding the perfect swimwear is no easy feat – but we'll start off by saying, every body is beach body ready, so it all depends on what makes you feel comfortable and cute on the beach. Or makes your tan pop, whichever comes first. We chatted to @isabelladuder about her top tips for discovering the dream pieces for your summer sojourn.

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What are your top three tips for finding the perfect swimwear?

1. If I'm buying a bikini, I always look for separate tops and bottoms because my sizing tends to be different in both. For example, I go 1-2 sizes larger in bikini tops because I have a big cup size.

2. Removable padding is very useful. It can be great to have that extra support in the cup, but sometimes I need a little more room. When that happens, I just take out the padding and voila! My bikini is transformed. It's all about having flexible options when it comes to swimwear.

3. Just like with my personal style, I tend to opt for more neutral colours, so I know I can wear them with lots of different holiday looks and I won't get sick of the colour.

Do you have any favourite shapes or cuts that you know work best for you? Why do you like them?

I really like a high waisted cut around the legs as it's more flattering for me, and accentuates my waist. When it comes to tops, I like something with good cup coverage and a thicker waistband to give extra support if I'm moving around. Everybody has different needs when it comes to swimwear so it's important to try out a few styles to find what works for you.

When you're shopping for swimwear, how do you decide what you want? Are you looking for the latest trends, buying styles to suit your destination, or classics you'll always go back to?

I'd say it's a combination of buying styles to suit my destination and going for classics that I'll always come back to. I think it's fun to have a mix of both in your swimwear wardrobe, so you have options! I like to invest in neutral-coloured classics which will last me for years and are a fail-safe option if I'm not sure what to wear that day. But summer and swimwear is all about having fun so definitely have some more 'out-there' pieces for special holidays. I'm turning 30 this year and I am longing to go somewhere like Ibiza to celebrate which calls for cute cuts, sparkles and fun cover ups.

Do you prefer bikinis or one-pieces?

Hmm, it totally depends on how I'm feeling that day and whether I am heading to the beach solely to get a tan, or to do something else as well. I'd probably say I go for one-pieces more often because I just love the support they offer, especially if I'm feeling bloated from lunch.

How do you style up your swimwear for a day out and about? Or for a post-beach evening?

I love styling up swimwear for other activities! It can be really easy to do with just a few pieces. For a day out and about, a pair of high waisted linen trousers look great with a bikini top or swimsuit, layered with a matching loose shirt, comfortable sandals, sunnies and a tote bag. For a post-beach evening, cover-up dresses are great to layer over swimwear to head out for a casual dinner and cocktails. I love dressing it up with some wedge sandals and a chic crossbody bag to take it from day to night.