The New Ways to Wear a Suit

There’s more than one way to wear a suit, as the famous saying goes (we think). Long gone are the stuffy days of shirt-tie-suit combos, we’re giving it a fresh look for the season ahead, courtesy of @elefv’s ways to wear.

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Nothing says summer like a white suit. Try something a little different with this fresh take on smart wearFeeling even bolder? Layer with a patterned shirt, unbuttoned slightly for a laid-back vibe.

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Tote bags and sneakers – the hallmarks of every creative’s style uniform. Channel your inner tortured artist with this pinstriped suit layered over a plain white tee. If anyone asks, you’re working on your screenplay.

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The tuxedo, but make it edgy in all-black. It’s very rare not to look good in such a universally loved shade, so this is not only for the fashion brave but the unsure. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to try something out of your comfort zone – case and point.

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So the white suit might be a little out-there for you. But black is too boring. Why not try burgundy? Not only is it perfectly suited for work events and weddings, but you can dress it down with a pocketless tonal tee. Berry nice.

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