7 Reasons Jack & Dani Are Couple Goals

It’s safe to say, we’re in an era where romance is pretty much dead, right? We’re swiping left and right, receiving NSFW messages and not a day goes by when we aren’t left on read. Don’t even get us started.  But it’s not all doom and gloom… 

This summer saw the return of Love Island (and the departure of our social lives for the foreseeable.) That, coupled with the return of The Flack, saw us grasp onto a glimmer of hope in the form of eleven good looking singles looking for love. And while some (read: most) of the couples didn’t exactly match up – we’re looking at you Hayley and Eyal – one couple who’ve gone the distance and reinforced our faith in love are the rightful winners of Love Island 2018, Jack and Dani. 

So in true homage to Jani, we’ve rounded up the reasons they give us all of the couple goals…

They give us all the LOLs

From learning all about Jack’s shrine to Danny Senior (Ellie, we owe you one) to Jack’s “What time’s your flight?” line mid-argument, they’ve been the source of many-a-laughs this series.

They’re relatable

A pen salesman and a barmaid, it’s like and East End Romeo and Juliet. Never ones to take themselves too seriously, Jack and Dani come from humble backgrounds (aside from having a famous dad …)

They give sound advice

Alex and Alexandra may never have given it a second chance if it wasn’t for Jani’s wise words of encouragement to do that roleplay we never want to have to endure again.

They’d make great parents

Not only have they adopted Dr. Alex over the last eight weeks, they also pulled together for baby KiKi in last week’s challenge. After Jack’s mini wobble, of course.

They’re forward-thinkers

Who’d have thought you could blow dry your lashes? Or better still your armpits. It’s like they’d totally forgotten they were on primetime TV. And we love them even more for it.

They’ve got the right balance

They give us all the feels with their morning snuggles and smooches but haven’t managed to make us cringe with too much PDA or hideaway antics…

They were meant to be

Some say Jani sailed to the final, but we beg to differ. Throwing in (and living with) your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, getting through a lie detector test and coming out on top is no easy ride.

We love Jani!