7 Reasons Why Love Island 2018 Is Keeping Us Indoors This Summer

Love Island 2018 is well under way and we probably speak for the nation when we say we’re obsessed. You make sure you’re home, showered and fed before 9pm, you’ve bought yourself a reusable water bottle and carry it round with you everywhere you go and you’re the group admin of the ‘Do Bits Society.’ Sound familiar? Same. Forget the sunny weather; Love Island gives us all the heat we need for the summer and these are the seven reasons we’re staying in… 

The Drama

AKA the thing that makes us cancel ALL plans and tune in religiously each weeknight. Monday night’s episode didn’t disappoint, did it? Josh ditching his little G for Kaz, Jack and Dani, or Jani, being reunited and Megan choosing new boy Alex over former (one day old) flame, Wes, leaving him single and alone (karma, is that you?). It’s safe to say, we are living for it.

The Dating Tips

Sleep outside and couple up with mosquitos instead of share a bed with someone who’s not your girlfriend or boyfriend, yes. Change your mind every 1-2 working days on who you want to crack on with, no. Adam and Megan, we’re looking at you. Soz. 

The Life Lessons

Have you ever seen anything more graceful than Laura apologising to Megan for calling her that-name-we-won’t-repeat after she stole her man? Or Samira reminding herself she’s a badass every time a new boy walks in and only has eyes for Megan (yawn.) It may be light relief for some, but there are lessons we can all learn. 

The Flack Attack

You know something big is about to go down when our girl Caroline walks in. Yes, she may often be the bearer of bad news but we still love her. And of course, she gives us all kinds of outfit goals. 

The Voiceover

There’s no one else’s dulcet Scottish tones we’d rather have narrate The Villa’s shenanigans as they unfold. (Well, maybe a one off special from Attenborough.) He basically gets to watch everything first hand AND make all of the jokes. Dream job? We think so.

The Memes

The nationwide concern for Dr. Alex’s sunburn (oh the irony), Eyal hugging trees whilst getting #deep and anything Danny Dyer related. There are just. So. Many.

The Debrief

Group chats are mandatory – for the memes alone. Then comes the daily morning rundown with your work pals, checking Twitter to see if the world still hates Adam and finally stopping everything for the afternoon First Look. Time flies when you’re obsessed, right? 

Get Island Ready....