Five podcasts you NEED

We have a not-so-secret addiction to podcasts and if we could listen to every single one we would. Sadly, even with lockdown 2.0 we don’t have enough time but, trust us when we say we’re trying! Instead, we’re cherry picking the cream of the crop and listening to our ultimate faves. In these strange times, the simple pleasure of pressing play and escaping from the world for an episode (or five) just can’t be beaten so why not join the hype? These are the feel good podcasts you NEED … 

1. Caught Off Guard

A podcast about successful business women making major moves in their careers? We love to see it! Hosted by the brilliant Patricia Bright, YouTuber, business woman and founder of The Break platform, no topic is off limits. Patricia asks all the juicy questions we all really want to know the answers too. With past guest like Grace Beverley (CEO and founder of Tala) and Leomie Anderson (world famous supermodel), this podcast explores relationships, failure, money and success. Listen to this podcast if you have a 5 year plan and making moves is your fave hobby.  

2. Today In Focus

If you’re trying to limit the amount of news you consume but are worried about being uninformed Today In Focus is the answer. Hosted by the Guardian’s Anushka Asthana, this podcast packages up significant world events in easily digestible 30 minute episode every single day. The concept is to take you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news that feels accessible. Listen to this podcast if you’re sick of your BBC News app but want to be able to hold a conversation!

3. So I Got To Thinking – The Sex and the City podcast

Are you a Carrie or a Miranda? It’s the age old question we’ll never stop asking because it never gets boring. Hosted by award winning author Juno Dawson and editor of QX magazine Dylan B Jones, each week they rewatch an episode of SATC and attempt to answer Carrie Bradshaw’s soul searching questions for the modern day. From ‘Can you be friends with an ex’ to ‘Have we evolved past relationships’, Carrie’s questions spark off truly thought provoking chat. Listen to this if you want to dissect your secret guilty pleasure!

4. I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

Lockdown has the potential to make us feel horrible about our bodies and how we look. If you feel yourself slipping into a negative space check out Jameela Jamil’s podcast. What started as a social media post has become a movement and now a podcast where Jameela asks activists, performers, influencers and friends to talk about their self-worth and journey with shame to challenge society’s obsession with weight. Listen to this if you need an empowering reality check!

5. Private Message Podcast

Hosted by best friends and “insta work wives”, Sophie Milner and Gemma Talbot, Private Message podcast was created to give their audience a place to go for their unfiltered answers, real advice and unapologetically honest stories. From situationships to Emily in Paris, the pair aren’t afraid of any topic. Listen to this if you miss having a gossip with your girl gang.

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