We’re moving in an ever more conscious direction, and we want you to be able to look good and feel good about your wardrobe when you shop with us.

We know we’re not alone in committing to make fashion a force for good. That’s why we’ve been working to improve the materials and the ways we make our clothes, reducing the impact they have on the environment.

So far, we’ve launched three sustainable collections: RI ONE, Nushu and Kind Society.

These ranges commit to using more sustainable materials, but never compromise on style and quality. They’re leading the way for the rest of our products to follow in their greener footsteps.

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Discover Sustainability

Sweats are more popular than ever (thank 2020…), and we wanted yours to look good and do good. That’s why all products in our RI ONE collection are made from at least 50% recycled cotton, recycled polyester or Responsibly Sourced Cotton.

Designed for every member of your family, this cool collection will take you from sofa to street and back again.

We’ve kept the iconic fits of our denim just as amazing as ever, but now every pair of jeans is made with responsibly sourced cotton.  And we’re also working with the people who dye and detail our denim to reduce the water used when we make them. By 2023 all our denim will use less than 22L of water in production (the average pair of jeans takes as much as 80L!)


Our little ones have the power to make the world a better place, and this is the collection they’re going to do it in. The Kind Society is our childrens wear range, crafted with as many sustainable materials as possible. All items in the collection are made with recycled materials and responsibly sourced cotton, these are happy clothes for happy days.

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Whether you’re a fully-signed up member of sneakerheads anonymous or not, the trainers you really need in your arsenal use responsibly sourced materials. Made from 51% recycled plastics, rubbers and responsibly sourced leather, Nushu trainers are not only better for the planet, but they’re comfortable, classic and enviably effortless.

Whether you like it chunky or want the streetwear appeal of a high top, Nushu looks good, feels good and does good.

And it’s not just the trainers: all of the bags in the collection bags are crafted from 50% recycled polyester with PU off-cut trims. Cool AND conscious.