The Duchess

Your look is as meticulously planned as your social diary, but nobody else needs to know that! Sink into the Duchess trend. Thrown on with an air of nonchalance, it’s all about those smart vs casual vs absolutely regal outfits.

A crown-worthy colour palette of red, white and blue sets the tone, while monograms add the flair. The look is polished, with classic tailoring mixed back with joggers - think from school run to off-duty fun. The silhouette is structured, yet relaxed and look out for the key crested blazer.

Your future must have is you, but a monogrammed tote would be a nice extra. Fit for a Duchess, this bag is the status symbol you’ve been waiting for. The nautical denim blue and Riviera white colour palette compliment your lifestyle like a dream. Carry it with an air of royalty thanks to those solid gold top handles.

Fashionable without trying, Alexa Chung is the definition of a Duchess. Smart v casual looks are a breeze and when she puts her own spin on a classic, magical things happen. She doesn’t take fashion too seriously but always manages to look like royalty.

Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf is our fictional duchess and a proper queen bee. This NYC socialite does preppy chic like no other, styling structure blazers with plaid headbands and neckties in bold colours that show off her regal social status.

No one does prep quite like Emma Corrin. A proper Duchess through and through, her mix of sharp tailoring with a cricket vest complete with crest and heels is such a regal move.