We never forget an iconic outerwear moment. Whether it happens on a runway or in a cult classic film, once spotted a statement coat and jacket stays with us forever. A winter coat is the mother of all layers so making a statement is a must to stand the test of time. From Margot Tenenbaum’s iconic fur to Princess Diana’s puffer, take a trip down outerwear memory lane with us …

Some outfits coats stick with us way after the closing credits and literary genius Margot Tenenbaum’s mink fur did just that. A coat with such a cult following that even if you haven’t seen the film (watch it immediately), you’ll definitely have spotted a Margot look-a-like at Halloween. We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect faux fur coat ever since!

Of course, Princess Diana was the OG puffer jacket icon! This puffed up style has made an impressive comeback in recent years, but our hearts still belong to Diana’s 1994 pillar box red number. We’re channelling the people’s princess next time we’re on the alps!

Just like marmite, you either loved or hated Grace Fraser’s textured moss green trench coat. Whether you were in team boho-chic or team too middle earth, one things for sure, the spine chilling thriller satisfied our iconic outerwear craving.

Hello, gorgeous! No coat symbolises ‘making it’ more than Barbra Streisand’s high collar leopard coat in Funny Girl. Animal print is the epitome of glamour, fame and beauty and who doesn’t want that?!

Was 2020 a stimulated reality? We hope so. Whether you’re a Sci Fi fanatic or not, you can’t deny the iconic status of the famous ankle grazing leather trench coats in The Matrix. Make this black coat a reality …

If we could wear this coat we’d happily be a Band Aid for the rest of our lives! Kate Hudson’s character, Penny Lane, has been our cool girl crush ever since we set eyes on her and that coat. A true Seventies dream!