Men's Brown Derby Shoes

Topping off a smart outfit? Our men's brown Derby shoes are the final step. The open lacing and exposed stitching give each pair a sophisticated finish. And we don't stop there: look out for options with embossed uppers, woven toes and cut-out detailing around the edges for a stand-out look. We've got dark brown Derby formal shoes to complement a deep blue suit, as well as lighter shades that will pop against white tailored trousers. For a supple feel, pick a pair of men's brown leather Derby shoes. The durable material offers flexibility and a suave finish that will have you reaching for them again and again. The best way to accentuate your spiffy new shoes? A pair of RI-branded socks. A sleek grey pair will let your footwear do the talking, while a colourful set brings a fun pop to your ankles.



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