The 5 Lessons We’ve Learnt From Our #LAFC Collaborators

If you haven’t heard us shouting about it already, we believe that LABELS ARE FOR CLOTHES, NOT PEOPLE! We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our people positive campaign and have loved seeing you wearing our Ditch The Label tees, as well as reading all of your empowering messages! Keep sending them in using #LABELSAREFORCLOTHES. 

Here are the top 5 lessons we’ve learnt from our #LAFC collaborators:



It’s a lesson that we should remember from school, but even in adulthood people need to be reminded to not judge a book by its cover. With a dark and witty sense of humour, Noor is so much more than her hijab.

“There are a myriad of misconceptions about women who wear hijabs, which is why I wanted to make it clear: I'm 100% liberated.”



Girl boss, Lola, is an Alpha woman and proud. Tired of being seen as aggressive and ‘un-ladylike’, she wants to empower her fellow Alpha’s and let them know that they can celebrate being the beauty AND the best. 

“We're labelled as overly authoritative, emasculating, bossy, or even condescending, but these things couldn't be more further from the truth.”



Reinaldo is a feminist and proud! He admires the incredible superwomen in his life and wants his nieces to reach their potential without anything getting in their way. He thinks women should all dream big and be great!

“As men, we can be allies of women’s rights, we can be pro-feminist and we can be anti-sexist. Men of quality do not fear equality.”



Comparison is the thief of joy and that is something Joe has struggled with in the past. He thinks it’s important to remember that everyone’s stories are more alike than different, but you should focus on your own. Be the director of your own happiness. 

“In this age of comparison, we may at times feel like we’re not measuring up to the accomplishments of our peers, but I’m learning to embrace the triumphs of my story.”

DO BE 100% YOU


Sami feel likes she’s finally 100% herself, after trying hard to conform to society’s expectations in her early teens. She scrapped trying to be what she thought she had to be and focused on embracing her true self. 

“We shouldn’t feel the need to stick to one particular thing or convention just because of labels. The most wonderful things happen when you ignore the labels, listen to your inner being and be true to yourself.”

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