Five outfits for drinks in the sun

One thing us Brits are good at is getting out in the sun. When it shines, we don’t mess about - we rally and head to the nearest beer garden. Here are five ready-to-wear summer outfits so you can focus on soaking up those rays rather than thinking about your outfit.

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Nothing is more summery than a striped linen shirt. Effortlessly cool in every sense of the word, this all-neutral get up isn’t your average summer evening look. Save this for something special like a BBQ with the in-laws - good first impressions guaranteed. Good weather also helps.

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For sunny days with a breeze, stick to jeans and a lightweight shirt for the ultimate temperature regulating look. Stand out from the crowd in deep blue denim and sandy beige, a colour combo that creates pleasing contrast, adding drama to this otherwise simple outfit. Add sunglasses at your discretion.

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Increased sightings of jazzy shirts signals the start of festival season. Whether you’ve got Glasto tickets or not, the Venn diagram of festival and summer looks overlap majorly. It’s sunny somewhere and you’ve got the best line-up already downloaded on your phone so tomato, tomato. Pair with lightweight cargo shorts and shades to complete the look.

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It’s t-shirt weather, officially. Update your collection with a few pristine pairs for summer and wear them however you like. If it’s baking hot, pair your tees with linen shorts for built-in AC but if there’s a chill in the air, you can always fall back on jeans.

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Some outfits work on their own and some work better with a drink in hand. This is one of the latter. Whether you’re headed to a beer garden or your nearest green space, a t-shirt and short combo is the easiest way to stay cool under the beating sun. Add a baseball cap to avoid a peeling nose by sundown.

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