What to wear on long haul flights

Long haul? Lucky you. Make the journey to your dream destination holiday a comfy one with the ultimate travel outfit. You’re going to be sitting for 10, maybe 20 hours depending on where you’re headed so it’s important that your outfit is comfortable.

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Wearing pyjamas to the airport isn’t for everyone but there are ways to achieve the same levels of comfort. Cargos are just, if not more, comfy than jogging bottoms and look a lot more presentable. Plus, the pockets double up as a sneaky way around strict carry-on policies. Pair the slouchy style with an easy sweatshirt and trainer combo that promises uninterrupted in-flight napping.

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Seasoned long-haulers know that nothing beats jetlag more than flying in a full-on tracksuit. Keeping up appearances can resume when you land but whilst you’re up in the air, who cares?! Choose your comfiest trackies and get ready for a seriously good nap. If you get too hot, you can always double up your hoodie as an extra pillow too.

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Flying business class? You should probably dress the part. Jeans and a half zip jumper keep your look on the smart side of comfy without being too restrictive. Long haul calls for loose fitting everything so save your spray-on skinnies for the first night and wear your roomier jeans. 

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