The New Denim Rules

In case you missed it, denim is having a serious makeover this spring. We're not saying put aside your skinnies, but maybe try something that isn't one shade of blue with a straight leg fit (this particular denim addict at RI HQ will remain anonymous). Get to know the latest (but not final) forms of denim with our trend cheat sheet.

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The Denim Maxi Skirt

The Year 8 disco was its origin story. Fast forward to 2023, and the denim maxi skirt is back for redemption in the style stakes. A hero piece for the street style set, make sure yours has a front or back split (no hopping up the stairs a la Kimmy in D&G) and preferably a vintage, stone-washed colour for extra vintage.

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The Cargo Jeans

Classic denim with all the cool of a cargo trouser – what more could you want? The biggest point of difference are the utility-styled pockets and worker-inspired D-ring details. You're going to be seeing these everywhere so you might as well get reacquainted...

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Indigo Denim

Anyone else notice dark denim is *big* right now? (Look away, cornflower blue). Pair indigo jeans with essentials like the classic white shirt for a much sharper look than lighter washes. Rarely seen distressed, this is denim for grown-ups.

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Double Denim

We've come a long way from the original Canadian tuxedo. Britney and Justin at the 2001 American Music Awards. Even Julia and Kanye gave it a go. Don't be shy when it comes to denim on denim on denim. This season – everyone's doing it. Our top tip? Pick different shades for the top and bottom for a look more modern, less Millenium bug.

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The Denim Waistcoat

Get the '90s look with this retro layering piece. Think Bella Hadid, not cowboys on the ranch. Try this tricky trend with a pair of cargos for model-off-duty cool or matching jeans for top-to-toe denim. It's niche, but trust us, it works.

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