5 Reasons We Love Tom Hardy

5 Reasons We Love Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy AKA the man who makes our knees weak turns 41 today. From his ever-changing hairstyles to his love of animals, he’s earned his man crush status. So what better way to wish him a big HBD than with all the reasons we love him…

He loves dogs

A pre-requisite for all our love interests, Tom Hardy is renowned for his love of four-legged friends. 

TOM HARDY Cbeebies Bedtime Stories

His CBeebies bedtime stories

Is there anything better than having a bedtime story read to you by Mr Hardy himself? Forget the kids, we loved it!

TOM HARDY ambassador for the Prince’s Trust

He’s an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust

He’s opened up about his struggles with alcohol and addiction and works with the Prince’s Trust to meet and mentor young people. 

TOM HARDY feminist

He’s a feminist

He’s known for shooting down sexism and says his mum and wife are the most special women in the world. Aww. 

TOM HARDY Red Carpet events

He looks great in a suit

When your diary is filled with Red Carpet events, we’d expect nothing less. But we’re definitely not complaining.