Top five books to boost your mood

Seeking words of wisdom? Dive into our top five books to boost your mood. Think of these writers as your very own pep talkers, ready to let you know that no matter what - you’ve got this. From learning to love others and yourself in the modern world to building self-awareness, here are some feel-great words to make you feel amazing.


“When I was a child, it was clear to me that life was not worth living if we did not know love.” If you haven’t read a bell hooks book before, prepare yourself for a near-spiritual experience. Exploring radical new ways of thinking about love, this book is for anyone disillusioned with the world and looking for fresh perspectives. In thirteen short essays, hooks celebrates the transformative power of loving and makes a powerful case for its healing properties both for individuals and the world. If you’re ready to fall in love with love again, please read this book.


Are you feeling stuck? Or trapped in a negative self-talk cycle? Read Untamed. Part memoir, part empowering wake-up call, Glennon Doyle shows us how to take back our power, set boundaries and follow our wildest instincts that remind us of who we truly are. From her divorce to coming out, Doyle gives us intimate access into the ups and downs of her own life to prove that we can all do hard things.


Bolu Babalola is a self-coined "romcomoisseur". Quite simply, she is great at writing things that make you smile. When she published her first book, we knew it was going to be something warm and beautiful, without the cheesiness of typical romance novels. The full title is Love in Colour: Mythical Titles From Around The World, Retold. Bolu retells traditional love stories with new exciting energy. The cover alone will draw you in! If this doesn't leave you wanting more romance in your life (in an inspiring, wistful kind of way) we don't know what will.


This is poetry with a punch. Yung Pueblo offers his reader powerful insights into self awareness and healing sometimes in a single sentence. After discovering the power of meditation Diego Perez - Yung Pueblo - began his own healing journey from depression , anxiety and drugs to return home to himself. If you’re after short bursts of wisdom to read before bed or in-between tube stops, make this your next to-be-read.

Everything, I know about Love, Dolly Alderton

You, this book and an entire Saturday afternoon. We promise you won’t regret it. As relatable as bell hooks is conceptual, Dolly Alderton’s Everything I Know About Love is a joy to read. From grotty flat shares in Camden to countless bad dates and the importance of female friendships, Dolly’s hilarious memoir will mirror a lot of twenty-something women’s experiences. If you want to be comforted that, yes, everything really will be okay in the end, Dolly is your woman.